Coming Events

Parish AGM to be held on the 27th June 2021 following a Combined Service to be held at St.Mary’s Church Beverley 10.30am

GOOD NEWS …. Welcoming Evening Services for Rev Philip Raymont. Philip has been the Chaplain at Guildford Grammar School for the last ten years and now comes to minister to us as our Parish Priest. Come and meet Philip at one of these Service locations and times.

July 27th 6.30pm at St Mary’s Church Beverley All Welcome with supper to follow.

July 28th 6.30pm at St Mark’s church Brookton All welcome with supper to follow.

St Mary’s Restoration Information Day and Fund Raiser – Saturday 14th August at 10.00am to 1.00pm at St Mary’s. Come and meet our structural engineer over a serve of Devonshire tea and view on site the restoration work that needs to be done. All DONATIONS welcome and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE !!

Special Services :





Blessing of the Plough and Thanksgiving

Seek first the Kingdom of God
His grace is freely given
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